Expose Poster Paper 190g


Expose Poster Paper 190g is the economical and sustainable solution for quality indoor and short-term outdoor frontlet posters, city lights and other promotional graphics. This heavy weight 190 gram 2-side coated paper with a smooth and uniform semi-gloss finish requires low ink levels to achieve great image quality.

Compatible with (Eco)Solvent, Latex and UV-cure inks

Physical characteristics
Finish: Semi-gloss

Weight: 190g/m2

Wet strength

2-side coated


Good opacity

High tear resistance

Great image quality

Indoor posters

Short-term outdoor posters

City lights

Shelf life and environment aspects
The shelf life of this media is 1 year under normal conditions (10°C – 35°C at a relative humidity 30% - 60%). Higher humidity and/or temperature can affect the product performance. Always store the media in a dark place in its original packaging.