Sentec International is known in the market for its reliability and attaches great importance to quality when it comes to its materials and service orientation.

As an international supplier, reliable business partner and employer, our ultimate goal is to ensure the company’s long-term success.

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Innovation as a key driver to move forward

Since 1992, Sentec International has been a pioneering force in the large-format print industry, with innovation as a key driver to move forward.

Due to the dynamics of the market, Sentec has had to reinvent itself several times over the years. Innovation has therefore become an integral part of the culture within the company.

At Sentec, our decision-making and innovation scouting are consistently guided by the perspective of our customers.

But our view is broader than just focusing on bringing new large-format materials to the market. We direct our innovation processes and objectives towards understanding and meeting our customers' needs, satisfaction levels, and feedback.

Through this customer-centric approach to innovation, our goal is to actively engage and collaborate in the creation of superior large-format print materials and services that offer unmistakable added value.