Neenah® Wide Format

Sentec is the official distributor for Neenah® Wide Format Media in Europe

Responsible sourced paper-based products

The Neenah® Wide Format range is built to provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional PVC, foam and vinyl-based materials.

Our products begin and end with paper which is a sustainable resource and the same cannot be said about plastic. All Neenah products are PVC-Free and will always perform better without static and print better without yellowing.

Neenah product offerings have PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) which means Neenah is not only utilizing a sustainable resource, but we’re reusing it on a regular basis All fibers are sourced from FSC-certified timberlands.

Roll media

Neenah Blox-Lite® - 100% paper-based, 100% recyclable alternative to PVC Blockout vinyl banner

Neenah Greenlight® II Plus! - 100% paper-based, 100% recyclable alternative to backlit films

Neenah IMAGEase® - Wet strength paper-based indoor/outdoor poster paper

Environmental branding & décor

Neenah DigiScape® - Highly sustainable alternative to vinyl wallcoverings

Go to the official Neenah website to download the latest printer profiles.