Tack Mount Ultra Clear


Tack Mount Ultra Clear is a 115μ ultra clear polyester film using an innovative technology that does not rely on static, adhesive, or magnetic forces. It adheres easily to many surfaces such as glass, acrylic, stainless steel and other smooth surfaces. Upon removal it does not leave any marks or residues and is re-positionable multiple times.

Compatible with UV-cure inks

Physical characteristics
Base: Polyester

Peel strengtg: 2-10 gram

Weight: 155g/m2

Thickness: 115µ



Smudge free

Does not leave any residues

Large colour gamut

Strong polyester base

Wet application recommended

Available sizes
1270mm x 30m

Window graphics

Trade show graphics

Office privacy

POS displays

Shelf life and environment aspects
The shelf life of this media is 2 years under normal conditions (10°C – 35°C at a relative humidity 30% - 75%). Higher humidity and/or temperature can affect the product performance. Always store the media in a dark place in its original packaging.