Printeriortex Original


Introducing Printeriortex Original, the premium self-adhesive polyester fabric that allows you to transform any space with ease. Printeriortex Original is a high-quality, peel-and-stick material that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, making it perfect for creating custom wall murals, cut out wall graphics, photorealistic reproductions, and decorative signage.

Made from a unique blend of polyester fabric and permanently removable adhesive, Printeriortex Original is extremely durable and can be applied on smooth, but also lightly textured surfaces. The fabric is translucent with 70% opacity, which makes it a popular choice, because it takes on the natural colour of the underlaying surface. Unlike traditional vinyl products, this polyester fabric won't shrink or curl, ensuring a long-lasting application.

What sets Printeriortex apart is its versatility. You can use it for a wide range of applications, from indoor walls to temporary outdoor signage. Its high-resolution printing capabilities make it perfect for reproducing photographic images and intricate graphics, while its removable adhesive allows for easy repositioning and removal without damaging the surface. Printeriortex is completely PVC-free and safe for use in any environment. It is 100% manufactured in Europe and free from harmful chemicals and emissions, making it ideal for homes, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive settings.

Compatible with Latex, UV-cure, UVgel inks
Physical characteristics
Material composition: 100% PES

Type of finish: Woven textile

Whiteness a.B.: > 80

Opacity: 70 %

Blockout: No Adhesive coating: Acrylic (C2S), solvent-free

Adhesive strength: > 18 N / 25 mm (ASTM-903)

Material weight: 120 gsm

Material thickness: 170μ

Liner weight: 140 gsm

Liner thickness: 150μ

Permanently removable adhesive


No shrink or curl

Good dimensional stability

Soft look and feel

Excellent imaging performance

Available sizes
1370mm x 30m

Photo & Art reproductions


Elevator graphics




Trade shows & Conventions

Interior signage & Exterior signage

Wall decoration & Murals

Decorative advertising



Shelf life and environment aspects
The shelf life of this media is 2 years under normal conditions (10°C – 35°C at a relative humidity 30% - 75%). Higher humidity and/or temperature can affect the product performance. Always store the media in a dark place in its original packaging.