DESARDI® Walltex Printable Grasscloth 340g


DESARDI Walltex Printable Grasscloth is a 340 gsm digital wallcovering with a vinyl top-coating and fabric-backing. This digitally printable grasscloth wallpaper offers many benefits to designers and wallpaper printers over traditional grasscloth wallpapers, making it a great choice for designers who want to achieve the natural, textured look of grasscloth without the drawbacks and printing limitations!

Real grasscloth wallpaper can be difficult to install too, due to its delicate nature and tendency to unravel. In contrast, our DESARDI Walltex Printable Grasscloth wallpaper is typically easier to install because it is more durable and less likely to tear.

Our rolls of Printable Grasscloth wallpaper go up to a width of 1,37m (54") with 30 or 50 meter in length, while real grasscloth is limited to 0,91cm (36") by 5,5 meter. It is compatible with (Eco)Solvent, Latex and UV printing systems. With our Walltex Grasslcloth vinyl wallpaper, you do not suffer from real, natural fibers that stick out and will damage your expensive print heads. It is manufactured to be completely printer-proof, but with interior design in mind!

Compatible with (Eco)Solvent, Latex and UV-cure inks