Digital Magnetics - Magnetic Base Film 500 PSA


DM Magnetic Base Film 500μ is a self-adhesive base film that can be mounted on flat, curved and cylindrical surfaces. Build your magnetic surface and create stunning graphics in combination with our ferrous media. DM Magnetic Base Film is available in three different thicknesses. The thicker base films have a higher holding strength and are recommended for larger graphics.

Magnetic Base Film is non-printable

Physical characteristics
Thickness: 500µ

Weight: 1880g/m2

Guaranteed magnetic holding force: ≥ 25g/cm2 Magnetic holding force: 25-28 g/cm2

Stable and flexible base


Easy to re-position

Indoor and static use

Available sizes
620mm x 15m

620mm x 30m

Indoor retail advertising

Trade show graphics

Interior decoration

Shelf life and environment aspects
The shelf life of this media is 1 year under normal conditions (10°C – 35°C at a relative humidity 30% - 75%). Higher humidity and/or temperature can affect the product performance. Always store the media in a dark place in its original packaging.