Add visual appeal to windows and other smooth surfaces

Tack Mount window films

Tack Mount graphic films use an innovative technology that does not rely on static, adhesive, or magnetic forces. Simply moisten the surface and apply the graphic. Durable and resistant to sun fading. It adheres easily to smooth surfaces such as glass and acrylic. Upon removal Tack Mount graphic films do not leave any marks or residues behind. Easy to apply and repositionable multiple times.

Tack Mount Dot-Tack films have a dot-tack adhesive coating, creating air channels allowing a quick, trouble and bubble free installation, no wet application needed. It adheres easily to many smooth surfaces such as glass, acrylic, stainless steel and painted surfaces. The films are re-positionable and does not leave any residues behind upon removal. Dot-Shaped films are used when a quick and easy installation is needed.

Window decoration

The applications of Tack Mount are endless. Glass walls in offices, retail windows, glass doors, corridors, mirros, meeting rooms, libraries and airport lounges. Window graphics are not only used for advertising, but can also be used in creative, interior decoration applications.

Other applications Tack Mount is used for is window covering for privacy and security purposes e.g. in banks, airports, laboratory, hospitals, etc.