Registration - Evaluation - Authorisation of Chemicals

REACH is an European Regulation which applies to substances on its own, in preparations or in articles.

REACH came into force on Jun 1st 2007 and -as a regulation- took immediately effect in all EU member states.

In the EU, the chemicals directive REACH has been binding for all EU member states as of 1st June 2007. The REACH system is based on the principle of own responsibility of the industry. Within the region of validity, and based on the ”no data, no market” principle, only those chemical materials may be brought to the market that have previously been registered. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) issues a so-called “candidate list” naming the “hazardous substances”. In accordance with the REACH directive, each supplier must identify the listed substances in their paperwork as soon as they take up a weight of more than 0.1 % of the overall product.

Sentec media do not contain any substances from this candidate list in accordance with article 59 (1) of the REACH directive on the determined threshold value. Our entire range of products meets the REACH criteria.

We commit ourselves to continuously review the actual ECHA “Candidate/Authorisation List” for changes and updates. We further commit ourselves -if so required- to act in fully compliance with current REACH regulations.

Should you have any further questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.