DESARDI® Eco Weave 260g


DESARDI® Eco Weave 260g is a PVC-free wallcovering product with a removable self-adhesive layer for easy peel-and-stick applications. The product has a slight weave texture with a matte finish for added interest to the final print and to help cover surface imperfections. To achieve sustainable advantage over traditional pressure sensitive vinyl and PVC coated materials, this robust and dimensionally stable wallpaper contains 20% post-consumer waste.

Compatible with (Eco)Solvent, Latex and UV-cure inks

Physical characteristics
Finish: Matte with a slight weave texture

Weight: 260g/m2


Peel and stick application

Excellent colours

FSC Certified

20% PCW

Easy to remove in one piece

High print performance

Available sizes
1372mm x 30,5m

Custom wallcoverings

Temporary wallcoverings

Interior decoration

Shelf life and environment aspects
The shelf life of this media is 1 year under normal conditions (10°C – 35°C at a relative humidity 30% - 75%). Higher humidity and/or temperature can affect the product performance. Always store the media in a dark place in its original packaging.