Lightweight flatbed printable fibre boards
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The sustainable paperwood alternative to MDF.

Sustainable fibre-boards

Xanita Board is a sustainable engineered fibre-board. Manufactured with the use of fibres recovered from recycled paper products such as cardboard boxes. Xanita Board is VOC free, 100% re-pulpable, 75% lighter than MDF and significantly stronger than visually similar honeycomb boards. The boards core is made from 100% post-consumer kraft and sugar cane waste and is fully re-cyclable and re-pulpable alongside with normal paper waste. It is designed to work with all well-known digital flatbed printers, hybrid printers and CNC cutters.

Xanita allows the product to be environmentally-friendly, lightweight, strong and suitable for a wide range of decorative and structural applications including POS, shop-fit and exhibition design.

Important Value Add Services of Xanita

In addition to Xanita’s premium product offering, the company offers several value add services that help printers get up and running with Xanita board quickly and efficiently. These value add services include:

• The Xanita Training Academy- A free online training resource which provides the foundation of how to work with Xanita board.

• The CNC cut-file store- An e-commerce store with an extensive library of popular designs to help get printers up and running quickly and easily. Printers are also entitled to request a maximum of five free cut-files from the store once they have purchased a pallet of Xanita board or more.

• Xanita design support- For printers that do not have industrial or packaging design capabilities, Xanita provides comprehensive design assistance for a nominal fee.

Visit www.xanita.com for more information.